A 30-ton meteorite has been unearthed in Argentina

A 30-ton meteorite was unearthed in Argentina

The find was made over 1000 kilometersóin the póNorth-westód from Buenos Aires in a place perforated by craters after a meteorite rainów. The boulder is part of an asteroid, whichóthat hit the Earth about 4,000 years ago. Its fragments have been found before and one of them named El Chaco weighs 37 tons.

Our planet is bombarded by hundreds of meteorites every dayóin, but they are small in sizeów. A boulder of this sizeów this extremely rare phenomenon. The unearthed asteroid fragment has about twoóch meteróin diameter and had been five meters all these yearsóin the underground.

The largest meteorite ever unearthed weighs more than 60 tons and was found in 1920 in Namibia. It was named Hoba. W¶ród similar sizeóin the boulderóalso includes a rock found in Greenland weighing 31 tonnes and the aforementioned El Chaco. The largest meteorite found in Poland has a mass of 261 kilogramsów and is called Morasko.

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