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Dubai launches crime prediction system

Dubai police launch crime prediction system. The technology based on “sophisticated algorithms” is the work of Space Imaging Middle East and, according to its creators, the generated data is highly accurate.

In the video „Minority Report” based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, Tom Cruise playing the headóIn his other role, he is an employee of the Prevention Agency, whichóra thanks to technology based on precognition punishes the perpetrator of a crime before he commits it. A similar technology is being implemented by the Dubai police.

The software has the task of constantly reviewing police databases for similarities in crimes committed and thusób próby determining where and when the next crime is likely to happen.

Representatives of Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) believe that technology can tell law enforcement agencies whoóThe software is designed to continually review police databases for similarities in crimes, so that a particular area of the city requires greater police attention to prevent crime.

– The software is extremely intelligent. Is capable of accurately dissecting complex patternsóin criminal behavior from seemingly unrelated events and predict the likelihood of a crime – said Spandan Kar of SIME. – We believe that such a thorough analysis combined with the experience of InspectoróThe aluminium panels will be a powerful weapon against criminals in the police – added.

The software, or rather artificial intelligence, will learn itself. Such solutions are already in use around the world. Artificial intelligence is already helping tax police counter financial crimes. Its algorithms are also used to scan social media sites to catch any próbę recruited by ISIS. Over time, as the software becomes more advanced after many hours of self-science, the range of applications could increase.

Security services show considerable interest in software. Plan detectionóin assassinationóThe software, or in fact the artificial intelligence, will learn how to detect, steal or smuggle, which could make their work much easier.

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