Germany launches hydrogen-powered train

Germany introduces hydrogen train

French company Alstom unveiled a hydrogen-fuelled train at the Berlin rail fair. The Coradia iLint , as the new machine is called, is very quiet and does not pollute the air. It is set to hit the German railways next year.

The Coradia iLint locomotive is capable of carrying about 300 passengersów. Hydrogen trainór has a range of 600-800 kilometersów, and the maximum speed with 150 seated and 150 standing passengers is 140 kilometersóper hour.

The environmentally friendly locomotive is powered by hydrogen. Fuel tanks are located on the roof of the train. The burning of hydrogen produces only water vapor and condensed water.

This type of propulsion is an environmentally friendly alternative to enginesóin diesel engines, whichóre power locomotives on routes where there is no electrification. Perhaps the train on the waterór will also appear on Polish railways, because with electrification, especiallyóIn the eastern part of the country, it is not the best.

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