Hair from a 3D printer? There is hope for the bald

French company Poietis has developed a technology to get hair from a 3D printer. This could print hair follicles to help those battling baldness. Although there are certainly more applications for this method.

There is hope for the bald. It’s hair from a 3D printer. The concept developed by Poietis involves scanning the lack ofóin hairiness and creating a map of places whereówhere new hair follicles have to be implanted. The printer then uses a laser to apply the biological material, from whichóThe new hair will grow out as it matures.

The method itself is very promising. The company bragged about howób has produced cartilage and other types of tissue. However, it is still too early to mótalk about putting this method to use. It will take at least a few more years of research to perfect the method.

Poietis is not the only company involved in bio-printing. However, the method she proposed is based on a laser, which is a major breakthroughóthat distinguishes it from other concepts of its kind. At this stage of research it is not yet possible to put a price on the possible treatment „hair printingów”.