Pioneering surgery in Wroclaw. A hand was sewn on a 32-year-old who never had one

32-year-old Piotr went to the hospital in November, and in December the teamóThe surgeonóhe was ready for surgery. A hand thatóThe ra was sewn to the man, it came from a donor. As pointed out by Dr. Adam Domanasiewicz, whoóry wasóAs a real operator, there were many problemsów. Above all, the large róhe differences between blood vessels, muscles and nerves of the donor and the recipient. That’s because the 32-year-old never had a hand, so he didn’t use the right muscles, there was no blood circulation, and his nerves and blood vessels were much thinner than the donor’s.

However, this did not stop a team of doctors from the Wroclaw hospital. The operation itself lasted 13 hours. The patient immediately móHe can move his fingers slightly, but he can’t feel his hand. We have to wait for the growth of the nerve partów. Mózg also needs time to get used to a new limb. The full success will be móin for about pół year.

Mr Piotr will now undergo intensive rehabilitation. There is always a risk of transplant rejection. However, as Dr. Domanasiewicz points out, out of 120 casesóin the transplantedóin limbs worldwide, only four transplants had to be amputated.

This is the first such operation in the world. This was done by surgeons from the Wroclaw hospital in Borkowska Street. Plans for the future, however, are even more interesting. Dr. Domanasiewicz, whoóry was the mainównym operator revealed that in thinking about transplanting both góThe patient’s limbs have beenóand was already born without hands. – We just eat the carp, drink the borscht and we can transplant znów – announced the doctor.