Pluto has surprised astronomers

Pluto has surprised astronomers

Recent measurements have shown that the dwarf planet Pluto emits X-rays. These results surprised scientists. Until now, such a phenomenon was thought to be impossible, if only because Pluto has no magnetic field.

Pluto hides many secrets from us. The former ninth planet, whichówhich has recently been degraded by scientistsóThe robot, which is believed to be located on a dwarf planet, has stunned researchers at the Chandra Space Telescope by emitting X-rays without a magnetic field. This is the first such object „discovered” in our Solar System, specifically in the Kuiper belt.

Scientists already thought that gases surrounding cosmic objects may react with charged particles of the solar wind. In this wayóThe robot would produce X-rays. Astronomers from the Chandra Space Telescope have confirmed this phenomenon four times.

However, despite confirming the assumptions of scientistsóPluto continues to amaze them. Dwarf planet emits too many X-rays for its faint atmosphere. Astronomers currently cannot explain this behavior. Supposed to be directed toward an interplanetary magnetic field, whichóre could direct additional solar wind particles toward Pluto.

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