Polish Pompeii unearthed. A medieval town destroyed by the sea

Polish Pompeii unearthed. A medieval town destroyed by the sea

In the area of old Łeba archaeologists have unearthed Polish Pompeii – the remains of a medieval town completely devastated by a storm and then swallowed up by moving dunes. In the ruins, researchers found the remains of more than 70 people.

In the vicinity of the ruins of the church of St. Nicholas. archaeological works are underway in Łeba. Researchers found traces of a medieval settlement there, whichóThe trench was destroyed by the sea, and then buried by dunes. Scientists continue work begun a year ago.

The place of the medieval catastrophe was called Polish Pompeii. At the archaeological site found róThe excavation was accompanied by the discovery of small objects, such as a silver Teutonic coin or the remains of clay vessels, which were found on the siteóThe Qumran Scrolls will be taken for professional conservation in accordance with procedure.

After this tragedy, Łeba was reborn, but in a different place. Researchers during the excavations have come across the remains of the buildings of the old Łeba. The head of the research is dr. Joanna Dabal – Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, University of Gdańsk. After the works are finished, the trench will be backfilled, but maybe in the future we will see a permanent archaeological site because of the promising nature of this year’s research.

The plan of the city government is that once the „Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Leba”, This is where the exhibits will be found. MóIt is also believed that the whole area of archaeological research will be permanently excavated and a cultural park will be created there with a permanent exhibition of the ruins of the Łeba zone using the latest technology.

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