Vera Rubin, a pioneer in dark matter research, has died

In the 70s. Last century Vera Rubin came up with a controversial thesis that the Universe is filled with dark matter invisible in X-rays, radio or any other radiation. Her thesis was initially rejected by virtually the entire scientific community.

Rubin based her claim on an analysis of the rotation speeds of stars in galaxies. She found that those farther from the galaxy’s center of mass do not circulate more slowly than those in the center, as the laws of physics would suggest.

Vera Rubin became the second woman in history to become a member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Members are elected to this scientific institution based on their scientific achievements.

The American astronomer has received numerous awardsód and decorations. In 1993, Bill Clinton honored it with a medal for „novel scientific programs in observational cosmology”. Three years póThen again, she was the second woman in history to receive the Gold Medal of the KróThe European Robotics Congress, which will be held at the. She even lived to see the asteroid of her name – (5726) Ruby.

Her death was announced by her son – Allan Rubin. The researcher died on Sunday night.