A revolution for the palate. There is a sixth flavor of

A revolution for the palate. There is a sixth flavour?

Basic flavors include sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. In 2009, scientists proved the existence of a fifth taste called umami. Umami is referred to as the flavor of „meaty”, „spicy” whether „bullion” related to monosodium glutamate. However, Dr Juyun Lim from Oregon State University claims to have evidence for the existence of yet another taste based on carbohydrates and defined as „mealy” or „starch”.

Lim conducted an experiment in whichórym gave the 22 test subjects solutions from the róThe second place, with the lowest carbohydrate content, went toów. Respondents were asked to describe what flavor they felt. The participants of the experiment referred to it as „starchy”.

– People in Asia would say they feel a taste similar to rice, Europeans would describe it as bread-like or pasta-like. It’s like eating flour – explained Dr. Lim.

But for a new flavor to be recognized, it must meet stern criteria. Primary is the presence of specific receptorsóin the oral cavityóin taste). Dr. Lim has so far failed to confirm their presence. The flavor should also definitely be offódiffer from the others.

This is not the first prób to revolutionize the concept of tasteów. Last year, researchers argued for the existence of a so-called. fatty taste. Earlier there were discussions about taste „metallic”, „blood” or the characteristic dal drinkóin carbonated.

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