The robot escaped from the lab

The robot escaped from the lab

Russian scientists at the Promobot lab in Perm are conducting research to teach robots to move on their own. One of them learned so much that he wanted to see the world and ran away from the lab, the BBC reports.

The robot got out of the squareóThe man-goat spent a distance of about 50 metersóin the lab before his batteries ran out. During this time he managed to cause quite a commotion on the streets of the city. According to reports, the robot stayed in the wild for about 40 minutes.

Promobot company says escape occurred due to an error by one of its employeesóin, whichóry forgot to lock the gate behind him. However, Russian media have raised doubts about the truthóThe company’s corporate identity. SomeóInvestigators say the escape was a planned publicity stunt by the company.

Robot is capable of interacting with humans. It can provide answers and pointóof the location of the. However, the headóThe robot’s main task is to broadcast commercials through built-in speakers.

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