A device has been developed that will identify diseases through breathing

A device has been developed that will identify diseases through breathing

This isn’t the first time scientists have used a patient’s breath to identify a disease, but creating a device thatóre can accurately check a wide range of diseasesób from one of the próbki is a novelty. The instrument can detect cancerór kidney or Parkinson’s disease.

– Even ancient physicians learned to assess the health of their patientsóin by exhaled volatile organic compounds and thusób to diagnose diseases – said Hossam Haick, whoówho led the research. – For example, the stool and urine of nobles was sniffed daily by court doctors – added.

Teamóresearchers decided to bring this practice into the 21st century and created a device that measures the composition of exhaled air. In every human exhalation there are ródifferent chemical compounds. HeadóIt contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, but there are also over 100 other volatile compoundsóin an organic.

How many and what type of compoundóThe amount of air we breathe out depends largely on our health. Breath analysis can detect róIt can be used to diagnose various diseases or at least alert the examining doctor and prompt him to carry out another testów. Plus, exhalation testing is a non-invasive method far easier than testing other fluidsóin the body.

– Exhaled air is the most accessible and useful source ofóa way to monitor a patient’s health. The method is safe and can be repeated as often as needed – explained Haick.

Extremely sensitive sensors were installed in the device. The software checks every relationship with the database to see if itóSome of them do not match the pattern assigned to któthe disease.

The device was tested on healthy individuals, but also on patients whoówho have already been diagnosed with the disease. 2,808 people have been testedób. 1,404 of them had one of the stored in the device chorób, whichóThe American Chemical Society publishes a book on cancer, inflammatory diseases and neurological diseases.

Tests have also shown that the device can detect many diseasesób in one person. It can also be used to check the health status of waspsób, whichóre they underwent surgery to remove the cancer. With its help it is possible to check for metastasisów.

The device still has to pass many testsów before it goes to the officeóin medical. Results of the work of Israeli scientistsópublished in the journal „ACS Nano” published by the American Chemical Society.

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